Natural Core | from Korea

Our organic products are made with deboned organic meats and ingredients grown in fertile and uncontaminated soil from eco-friendly organic farms with no agrichemical or fertilizer, making our products perfect for your furry companion.

Our organic products are certified by USDA and ECOCERT, which guarantee our products to be free from antibiotics, pesticides, artificial colorings, preservatives and GMO.

Natural Core | Organic Series

Protect your furry companion's health with Natural Core's Organic recipe.

Organic Formula

Over 50% of organic ingredients in our products are pre-processed with sophisticated processing operations while maintaining its authenticity, in order to minimize potential allergic reactions towards our products.

Quality Ingredients

Natural Core’s unique formulations ensure our products to be highly digestible and nutritional, while offering an immense natural taste that will definitely keep your furry kid craving for more!

100% Imported

Natural Core offers a wide range of organic products that are certified under USDA and ECOCERT, containing the highest quality organic ingredients imported directly from India, USA, Brazil, Australia, South Korea and China, that are globally accreditated.

Widely Accessible

Natural Core is now available in Malaysia, thanks to Ritma Prestasi's extensive distributing network.